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Mummy - Check

Mummy - Check

For women after childbirth, I offer a 1-hour check-up. This includes an assessment of your tummy, your pelvic floor function and your posture.

 Based on this, you will receive a personalised post-natal exercise programme.

Ideal before starting a post-natal course or your own personal

fitness programme.

When to book an appointment?

The check is recommended for all new mums,  from 6 weeks after delivery or any time thereafter. The Mummy-Check does not replace the consultation with your


Tummy function - mind the gap!

Pregnancy puts a strain on the abdominal wall and the whole muscle

system. A gap between the two abdominal rectus muscles (diastasis recti) can occur and needs special care.

Pelvic floor function

An examination of your pelvic floor muscles (optional) will provide

knowledge about the condition and coordination of the pelvic floor.

Any weakness or problem can be diagnosed and treated.

Optimal posture

Your posture might have altered during  pregnancy. The correct

alignement of your body is essential before starting your training.

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